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The town of Strathmore in Alberta, located 40 kilometres outside Calgary, continues its agricultural heritage with approximately 15,000 residents. Proudly home to the Strathmore Stampede featuring Running of the Bulls.

A supporter of our charitable arm, the Western Communities Foundation, we’ve donated to local initiatives such as Happy Cat, True North, Wheatland Food Bank, and Harvest Healing Society. We provided a grant to replace the floors in the community center and provide 2 bursaries to amazing school graduates annually.

As your Strathmore, Wheatland County and Langdon insurance brokers, we offer car and truck insurance, home insurance, business insurance, farm insurance, travel medical insurance and life insurance. We have access to many other superior products.

We are dedicated to helping you find the right insurance in Strathmore, Alberta as well as the surrounding Wheatland County, Alberta and Langdon, Alberta.

Look no further if you’re needing car and truck insurance, home insurance and business insurance. Let our experts be your trusted source for farm insurance and life insurance.

At Western’s Strathmore brokerage, we have competitive rates and outstanding customer service. We’ll listen to your concerns and customize a policy that fits your needs today and as they change.

Over 6,235 5-Star Reviews

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Western Financial Group is a proud member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta

What do I need to know about car insurance in Strathmore, Alberta?

In Alberta, basic automobile insurance, which includes accident benefits and third-party liability, is required by law.

It’s mandatory to have a minimum of $200,000 in insurance and accident benefits coverage. Any coverage beyond this considered to be optional car insurance coverage. Decide if you want more than the minimum coverage and factor it into your budget.

Additional insurance coverage, such as collision and comprehensive, is not required by law.

All cars and trucks must have valid insurance and a vehicle registration certificate. As a first-time car owner, this is your responsibility.

Learn how to save on your first Car in Alberta.

What do I need to know about home insurance in Strathmore, Alberta?

Home insurance is not mandatory in Alberta, but if you have a mortgage your lender will likely require you to have an insurance policy.

Alberta can have severe weather at times like tornadoes, wildfires, and hailstorms. Home insurance typically helps protect when these severe weather events happen.

Without home insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying out of pocket for damages to your home and detached structures like your shed or garage.

Home insurance also covers your personal belongings and helps protect you should someone get injured at your home.

Top 5 things to know about your Farm Insurance.

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David S.

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I have been with Western Financial group for years and recently moved my policies to Strathmore office. The service and advice I received from this team was phenomenal! I had a Truck burn down recently and lucky I was advised to take an additional policy out that help me come out even on my loan. I appreciate the team and have refered mulitple new clients who have also been extremely happy. A big thank you to the Strathmore team!

Meachel C.

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Love Love LOVE dealing with the ladies and gents at the Strathmore Western Financial Group! They are always a joy to talk to, very educated in their field, always happy to help and provide what you need in a timely manner! I've had the pleasure of working with Tiffany, Patricia and Landon to name a few! Definitely the BEST one stop shop for all your insurance needs right from home insurance, tenant insurance, life insurance and vehicle insurance. These folks work hard for you and I wouldn't take my business else where. Each of them know my profile inside and out making it easy to know how to cover me from head to toe! Thanks so much for all you do! 

Sam L.

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I had a previous issue with my insurance going up - my broker contacted me and helped me sort out the issue. Appreciate the customer service provided by the Strathmore location and Alyssa.