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What Doesn't Home Insurance Cover?

What Doesn’t Home Insurance Cover?

You may think your home insurance covers the risks that you could face as a homeowner. You’ll need to re-read your home insurance policy.

While home insurance does cover various risks and liabilities, there are some common exclusions or limitations that might not be covered under a standard home insurance policy.

If you need additional protection or coverage not included in your standard policy, ask your Western Financial Group home insurance expert for help. We can provide advice on the ideal insurance package tailored to your needs.

Some home insurance exclusions:

Floods and earthquakes:
Damage caused by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or landslides is typically not covered. Separate policies or endorsements may be needed for such coverage, depending on where you live and the risks associated with natural disasters in your area.

Wear and tear: Home insurance generally does not cover damage due to general wear and tear or lack of maintenance. Repairs or replacements due to aging or gradual deterioration are usually excluded.

Pest infestations: Damage caused by pests, such as termites, rodents, or insects, is typically not covered under standard home insurance policies.

Sewer backup: Some policies exclude coverage for damage caused by sewer backups or sump pump failures. Additional endorsements might be required for this coverage.

Home business or commercial activities: Business-related liabilities or damage to property related to a home-based business might not be covered under a standard homeowner's policy.

High-value items: Coverage limits might apply to valuable items like jewelry, art, or collectibles. Additional coverage or riders may be necessary for full protection of these items.

Acts of war or terrorism: Damage resulting from war, acts of terrorism, or nuclear events may be excluded from coverage.

Neglect or intentional damage: Damage resulting from intentional acts or negligence by the homeowner is generally not covered.

Vacant or unoccupied homes: Some policies have restrictions or exclusions for properties that are vacant or unoccupied for extended periods.

Usually insurance companies do not cover predicable events under your home insurance policy and for unexpected events you might need to buy add-ons.

Discuss your needs with a Western home insurance expert to help identify areas where additional coverage is needed to safeguard your home. Thoroughly read your home insurance policy so that you understand what is covered and what is not covered.