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Why Your Car Still Needs a Spring Tune-up

Why Your Car Still Needs a Spring Tune-up

Your car has just come through winter. If you’ve been putting off a spring tune-up, it’s time to get it done to avoid any breakdowns and repairs.

It’s also more than time to get your winter tires removed and get your all-season or summer tires.

Remember: A well-maintained vehicle usually performs well.

Here are the top reasons for why your car needs a regular spring tune-up:

Safety: Yours and your passengers

Winter can be harsh in Canada and hard on your car. Here’s what you need to get checked this spring:

Brakes: After using your brakes all winter in ice and snow, you should have them professionally inspected for wear and tear.

Tires: What kind of shape are your winter tires in? Will they make it through another winter. Are the treads worn on your summer/fall season tires?

Does your car need a wheel alignment? If your wheels aren’t aligned, your car can begin pulling to the left or right, which is dangerous because it can reduce your ability to control and handle the vehicle

Lights: Check your headlights, taillights, four-way emergency flashers, and turn signals, are working properly.

Fluids: Is it time for a spring oil change? Your car needs the right amounts of fluids to operate safely. Does your vehicle have enough coolant and windshield washer fluid? Ask your mechanic to do a complete fluid inspection.

Save money in the long run

Preventive maintenance is a lot less expensive than waiting for a breakdown or a major repair.

When you catch problems early, you save yourself from the trouble and expense of bigger car repairs down the road.

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your car and keep it safely running.

Better resale value Well-maintained vehicles have a higher re-sale value and consumers will choose them over similar vehicles with maintenance problems.

Regular tune-ups show potential buyers your car is serviced and reliable and will give the new owner confidence in what they’re buying.

A tune-up before summer helps ensure that your car is working properly and takes care of any problems before they become safety issues for you and your passengers.

Tips to save on car insurance

Ask for discounts:

  • You have two or more vehicles insured with the same insurance company
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  • You own a hybrid or electric vehicle that is recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)
  • You have a clean driving record
  • You are claims free

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Yearly kilometres: You may get a discount if you don’t drive much. Some insurers define low-mileage drivers as people who drive fewer than 10,000 kilometres a year.

Other discounts: Your Western broker has access to insurance partners that provide discounts for loyalty, winter tires, retirees, and vehicle safety features such as automatic braking and lane departure warning.

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