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Switching Your Alberta Insurance is Easy and Helps You Save

Switching Your Alberta Insurance is Easy and Helps You Save

Switching your Alberta car, home or business insurance is easy and takes just a few quick steps. It can help you save money and get your coverage customized to your current needs.

Western Financial Group is a national insurance brokerage and we work with Canada’s leading insurance providers to find the best coverage for your needs at the best value for you. We make switching insurance companies easy. Did you know that you can bundle and save when you switch?

Switching insurance companies is easy with Western

  • We’ll do the insurance shopping for you.
  • We’ll find you the best coverage for your needs.
  • Do you qualify for discounts for car or home insurance? We’ll help you save.

How to switch your car and home insurance

  1. To get a free insurance quote, fill in our Fast Path form in one minute.
  2. To speak to a Western insurance expert, call or text 1-866-860-1958.
  3. We’ll call you back right away to ask about your insurance needs.

Do you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, or Lethbridge? Or are you in Lacombe, High River, Bashaw, St. Albert, Cochrane, Fort McMurray, Bashaw, Brooks, Spruce Grove, Drumheller, or elsewhere in Alberta?

Wherever you live in Alberta, it takes just a few minutes to talk to a Western Financial Group Alberta car, home, or business insurance expert to get the insurance information you need. It’s easy to switch!

Remember not to cancel your existing Alberta car or home insurance policy until you have other coverage in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Make sure you receive confirmation from your former insurance provider that your car or home insurance policy has been terminated.

When can I switch insurance companies?

You can switch insurance companies whenever you want. It’s a good idea, though, to wait until your insurance policy renewal date to avoid paying cancellation penalties if you’re mid-way through your policy. Speak with a Western insurance expert who can help you determine the best time to switch insurance companies for your Alberta insurance.

Changing insurance companies will not affect your Alberta insurance rate.

It’s easy to switch your Alberta car insurance policy

You’ll need your Alberta driver’s licence, along with the driver’s licence of anyone else in your household that will be on the policy. You will also need the VIN (vehicle identification number) for your car.

You’ll need to say whether your vehicle is financed or leased along with the payment details, if applicable.

Always ask for discounts that may apply to you to help you save money when you switch your car insurance. Discounts can include:

  • You’ve have been accident-free for a specified period of time.
  • You drive fewer than 10,000 kilometres a year.
  • You own a hybrid or electric vehicle that is recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).
  • You have no convictions within a specified period of time.
  • You have both your Alberta home and auto insurance with Western Financial Group

It’s easy to switch your Alberta home insurance policy

You need to remember to let your mortgage lender know that you are switching home insurance providers.

Make sure that your quote is accurate before you agree to buy your new home insurance policy. You’ll need to provide detailed, accurate, up-to-date information about your home, such as square footage, how your home is heated, and if there are any recent renovations.

Again, remember to ask for discounts that may apply to your home insurance to help you save. Discounts can include home security technology, fire alarm security, bundling, and mature owner status.

Can I switch my home insurance with an open claim?

You can, but your claim stays with the insurance provider that handled your claim when the event occurred, even if you switch to a different insurance company.

It’s easy to switch your Alberta business insurance

Make sure that your business insurance is keeping up with your business’s growth.

Key questions when you are reviewing your business insurance:

  • Have you changed your business name, location, or the products or services that you provide?
  • Does your current policy reflect the values that you have for business contents, including stock and equipment?
  • Are you comfortable with liability limits you currently have on your policy?
  • Have you hired more employees?
  • Are you offering new products/services or offering new products/ services outside Canada?
  • Have you renovated your current location or added a new location?
  • Have you bought new equipment, including technology that improves the production and security of your business, building, or employees?
  • Have you changed the ownership structure of your business?

When you switch your Alberta business insurance, ask about business insurance discounts:

  • Safety discounts: Does your business have special features such as burglar alarms, sprinklers, security cameras, or a high-quality roof.
  • Bundling discount: Ask if you can get a discount if you bundle your home and car insurance with your business insurance.
  • Loyalty discount: Insurers tend to reward customers who stay with them.
  • Group discounts: These are discounts you can get based on your business sector.
  • Increase your deductible.

At Western, we work closely with our Canadian insurance partners to develop insurance products that are tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. As your business’s needs change, so do your risks.

You can get a business insurance quote by calling us at: Call us 888-594-3104 and filling out the form to tell us about your business insurance needs.

We’re among the largest insurance brokerage networks in Canada — we have access to more than 130 insurance companies, in which we can place your business. Ask us about potential discounts for your business insurance.

Western makes switching your Alberta car, home, or business insurance easy for you.

When you choose Western Financial Group as your insurance partner, you receive the following and much more:

  • Bundle your home, car, and recreational vehicles to save
  • Our insurance experts get you personalized coverage
  • Peace of mind if you file a claim
  • Business insurance that grows with your small business
  • You can be confident you’ll get right coverage at the right value