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What are Common Home and Car Insurance Claims During the Holidays?

What are Common Home and Car Insurance Claims During the Holidays?

With all of the holiday cheer, there’s also an increase in risks that can lead to home and car insurance claims.

Do you know what are the most common home and car insurance claims during the holiday season?

Home insurance claims during the holidays

The holidays can bring a unique set of risks to your home, which often result in insurance claims. Here are some of the most common home insurance claims during this festive time of year:


Decorative candles, holiday lights, and Christmas trees beautifully adorn homes during the holiday season. However, they also pose a significant fire hazard.

December can be a peak month for home fires caused by candles. To avoid such incidents, ensure candles are placed in secure holders, turn off decorative lights when you're not home, and keep your Christmas tree well-watered.


With the holiday season comes an increase in valuable gifts and purchases in many households. Unfortunately, this can attract the attention of thieves.

Burglaries tend to rise during the holidays, making it essential to double-check your home security. Ensure your doors and windows are locked and consider installing a home security system if you don't have one already. Watch out for porch pirates who can steal your packages.

Water damage

The winter season often brings freezing temperatures, which can lead to burst pipes and water damage. To prevent this, insulate your pipes and keep your home adequately heated. It's also a good idea to know how to shut off the water supply in case of an emergency.

Slip and fall accidents

Hosting holiday gatherings means having guests over. Snow and ice accumulation on driveways and walkways can create slip and fall hazards. Be proactive by keeping pathways clear and using ice melt or sand to prevent accidents.

Accidental damage

While decorating, it's not uncommon for accidents to happen, such as breaking a window while hanging holiday lights or damaging a valuable decoration. Fortunately, many home insurance policies cover accidental damage. Be sure to check your policy and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Car insurance claims during the holidays

As people hit the road to visit loved ones or embark on holiday trips, car insurance claims can also spike. Here are the most common car insurance claims during the holiday season:

Car accidents

Increased holiday traffic and adverse weather conditions can contribute to a higher risk of car accidents. Snow and ice can make roads treacherous, while the rush to reach holiday destinations can lead to reckless driving. Staying vigilant, obeying speed limits, and ensuring your vehicle is winter-ready can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Theft and vandalism

The holiday season sees an uptick in theft and vandalism, including car break-ins. Avoid leaving gifts or valuable items in your car, especially in plain sight. Park in well-lit areas, and consider installing an anti-theft system if you haven't already.

Weather-related damage

Severe winter weather conditions like heavy snowfall or freezing rain can lead to damage to your vehicle. Ensure your car is equipped with appropriate tires, and take extra precautions when driving in bad weather.

Roadside assistance claims

Breakdowns or accidents can happen at any time, but they can be particularly stressful during the holidays when you're far from home. Having roadside assistance coverage in your car insurance policy can provide peace of mind and quick assistance when you need it most.

Remember to review your home and car insurance policies regularly to ensure they meet your specific needs and offer the protection required during the holiday season and beyond.

Stay safe and have a joyful holiday season!