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Home Insurance in Timmins, Ontario


Timmins is a great place to raise a family. It’s possible to reach your goal of owning your own home in Timmins. The city is also ideal for outdoors enthusiasts because it’s surrounded by nature.

You can have the work-life balance you’ve always wanted, too. Timmins offers an urban lifestyle, but everything is within a short distance and it’s a place where there are no traffic jams. You can enjoy time with family and friends instead.

Whether you’ve decided on Barbers Bay, Connaught, Hill District, Hoyle, Mattagami Heights, Porcupine, or Melrose, you need home insurance that suits your needs at the right value for you. Western Financial Group insurance experts will help you get the right home insurance at the right value for you.

Property taxes, utilities, and other municipal services in Timmins for a family with children are about 23 per cent lower than Ottawa and 30 per cent lower than Toronto.


Looking for Home Insurance in Timmins?


As a parent, you want your children to have a good education. In Timmins, your kids will have access to instruction in English or French at the primary, high school, and post-secondary level. There are also opportunities for quality post-secondary education, including Algoma University at Timmins, Université de Hearst, Collège Boréal, and Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.

On the job front, Timmins has opportunities in mining, forestry, retail, social services and administration, and health care, among others.

If you’re looking for culture, there’s the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, annual music, and cultural festivals, as well as sports tournaments and theatrical productions. Timmins has events scheduled throughout the year for all ages.

You and your family can also take part in outdoor activities. There’s a downhill ski resort, several golf courses, a cross-country skiing facility, 55 kilometres of trails, and several provincial parks.

If Timmins is where you’ve put down roots, your home is probably the biggest and most important purchase of your life. You need to protect it.


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Western Financial Group will find you home insurance that’s right for you at the right value for your home in Timmins.

Want to save more? Talk to us about bundling your home and car insurance together. Contact us to see how you can save.

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