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Car Insurance in Timmins, Ontario


Timmins is known as the “City with a Heart of Gold.”

That’s because of the city’s gold mining history and its friendly people.

Timmins is the fourth-largest city in the Northeastern Ontario region and has a population of more than 43,000. The city is set in the Canadian Shield and surrounded by the boreal forest.

Your wheels, whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV, help you get around in the rugged landscape. Our insurance experts at Western Financial Group will make sure you get the best car insurance at the best value for you.

Your car will take you downtown to Balsam Street or to Third Avenue (the city’s main street), to see the Walk of Fame where there’s a plaque and the handprints of country singer Shania Twain, the most famous resident of Timmins.

Or you can drive to see a local hockey game the community centre on McIntyre Road.


Looking for Car Insurance in Timmins?


If you want to head to the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 11) to get out of town, you’ll need your car.

Gold was discovered in Timmins in 1909 and the area became home to dozens of prospectors during the Porcupine Gold Rush. The city takes its name from Noah Timmins, who was President of Hollinger Mines.

You’ll need your car to get to Gold Mine Road, also known as the Backroad, which connects Timmins to South Porcupine. Along the road, there’s a number of historic mines, many that have since closed, but it does include the former Dome mine, which is now Goldcorp’s Porcupine Gold Mine, the place where gold was originally discovered in the area. The Porcupine mine is one of the largest gold mines in Canada and in the world

Your wheels will also take you to Hollinger Park, a historic park located in the heart of Timmins on the site of a former mine.

Camping, fishing, boating, skiing, and snowmobiling are all popular outdoor activities. Your car makes it easier to enjoy these activities.


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At Western Financial Group, we know how important your car is to you in Timmins. You count on it every day.

Our insurance experts will tailor your policy to your needs and your budget. We will find you the best value for your money.

Want to save more? Talk to us about bundling your home and car insurance together. Before you jump in your car to get where you’re going, contact us and see how you can save.

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